When is my recertification date?

B Corps must recertify every 3 years. You can see your recertification date at the top of your B Impact Assessment dashboard. B Corps must submit their recertification prior to their recertification date to be in good standing.

My team wants to help with the B Impact Assessment. Can they get access?

Yes! To invite others to your B Impact Assessment, follow these instructions. Team members can view previous and current assessments, download your improvement report, and more. If you're having trouble adding or removing team members, log a support ticket here.

Can I recertify early?

You can submit up to 6 months before your recertification date. Recertifying earlier than this is not encouraged and will incur an additional fee.

Why do I have to recertify?

Becoming a Certified B Corporation is about continuous improvement. We encourage B Corps to pursue new ways to have positive impacts beyond just the B Impact Asssessment and be leaders in business. We update the B Impact Assessment every 3 years as the economy, businesses, and the world evolves to reflect current best practices. We also take feedback from B Corps into account and make improvements along the way.

My B Corp was acquired or changed ownership recently. Does this impact my recertification?

B Corporations that undergo a change of control must provide B Lab a commitment to recertify within 90 days. They must also recertify within one year of the effective date of the change of control. If you are uncertain whether there was a change in control of your organisation, get in touch with the B Lab team.


How often is my B Corp invoiced?

B Corps pay an annual fee each year of their certification. This fee is dependent on revenue and will change as your business grows. Details about the fee structure can be found on our homepage.

What does the certification fee cover?

Rather than paying an upfront fee to become a Certified B Corporation, B Corps pay an annual fee to cover the cost of certification and recertification. This includes everything from the Standards Analyst reviewing your submissions to improvements to the B Impact Assessment. You must be in good standing with your invoices to continue to use the Certified B Corporation logo and other intellectual property. B Lab is a not-for-profit and your fee ensures we can continue to grow the movement while providing resources, support, and community for B Corps.


I want to connect with a B Corp. Where can I find their contact details?

The best way to connect with B Corps is on the B Corp Community. We encourage B Corps to share all ideas with the community in the relevant forums or groups so that others can be inspired or get involved wherever possible. If you have a specific request, the B Lab team can share your contact details with another B Corp to connect you.

Where should I share offers and discounts for B Corps?

If your offer is only for Australia & New Zealand B Corps, you can share it on the B Corp Community. You can also request for B Lab to share it in our monthly newsletter or on this page. If your offer is for B Corps in other regions, you can share it on the B Hive too.

How do I update my directory listing?

For changes to the global directory, follow these instructions to make updates to your public profile. For changes to the Australia & New Zealand directory, please also fill out this form. (We know it's a pain, but bear with us!)